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Digital Media Today

 Today in class we talked about colleges and jobs. We explained how people are starting to look on your personal sites to find out what kind of person you are. Because of people posting non-since online for everyone to see, it can cause them not to recieve the job they want or need. Today people post bad things online and it will haunt them forever. Once you have posted it online, its almost impossible to take it off. Rude people can copy ur updates, and print, and paste, and re copy, and torture you with your past. I believe that everyone inclueding myself, should watch what tehy post, it can and will come around and bite you on the tushy later. Be safe!

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My First Week Back To School

My first week back to school went by super fast. Today is friday and it got here in a blink of an eye. I’ve been very busy with football after school so I’m at the school from 7:40ish to 6:40ish. I don’t mind  it though because I love what I do for them! My first day was good, my second day was awful, my third day was super hard to get up, and by time thursday got here I was ready for the weekend. I’m very glad today is friday, for a few reasons actually. Today is our first varsity football game and it’s the weekend:). I believe next week will be better but, much more work will be handed out in school so it’s going to get more challenging.  I’m always up for a challenge though. 🙂 I’ve had an experience this first week back to school and I’m looking forward to many more. I hope all of y’all have had a great first week.

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Leo The Leopard

Leo Leopard

HABITAT: consists of Subalpine meadows,greater Caucasus,rocky slopes, big spaces to run and climb trees.

*able to run up to 36mph

*able to climb trees

PREDATORS: humans that hunt for fur…its called POACHING.


*i get up at 5am get up work out drink a protein shake.

*go work with my trainer

* eat lunch

*go back home work on anything that needs to be done or fixed anything over the phone or computer with my manager

*eat dinner and drink another protein shake.


I’m a big boy strong and mighty i don’t put up with child play and i try my hardest and work my hardest on everything i do i can make u happy and i wont make u regret me.

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My Short Story

My uncle is an astronaut and he has taught me that our space is full of stars, inner planets, and outer planets. He told me that we have only one moon and it has phases and we have other bodies such as asteroids,comets,elliptical orbit,meteoroids,meteors,and meteorites i love it when my uncle comes over because i love hearing all these interesting thing like he told me that they send up  vacuums,satellites,and astronauts.I think our Solar System is so amazing and awesome.I got on my moms laptop last week and went to Google,searched our space systems and did u know in our solar system  we have a axis and rotation and we also have revolutions which causes us to consistently move. While on Google i saw a few space shuttles that we have sent up into space to collect all of the information about what they see and experience.Our astronauts stay in the ISS the International Space Station. The International Space Station is a laboratory that orbits earth and  workers from many countries work there and live there to conduct research on astronomy,biology,and a bunch of other subjects my uncle has been there for the past 5 months he he said its really awesome to live in space for 5 months. NASA sends up space probes to study whats all around our earth.When my uncle  sent out these big ships of technology they saw all of the interesting things  in our sky through the space probe such as stars,star clusters,galaxies,nebulae,and other space probes we have sent up in space a long time ago.When my uncle was here last he told me how many galaxies we have and all the names. Milky Way Galaxy,Spiral Galaxy, and Elliptical Galaxy those are the ones he told me about and he also explained that some of our galaxies are irregular, some don’t have a particular shape. Although some of my uncles friends that are scientists think  some irregular galaxies were once a spiral or elliptical, but their shapes change because of the gravitational pull.Well my uncle is here so i have to go so i can hear about his experiences he just had in the astronaut that just came back from space.

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